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Welcome to C.D.I

I supply and install TV Aerial and Satellite Systems, based north of Leeds & Bradford in West Yorkshire. I have great knowledge of the area both geographically and reception wise

- CDI Turns 10 Years Old -

14 Jan 2021 marked the 10th year anniversary for Complete Digital Installations.

I want to thank each and every customer for all the support & business over this time, as the business would simply not grow without it.

Lets see what the next 10 brings! Much appreciated, Paul @ CDI

Please take a look at the Services that I can offer you, for which I would be happy to provide professional advice and a competitive quotation.

RDI is the Registered Digital Institute, an official Licensing Body set up by the Government to assist in the training and registration of the UK's best digital service engineers.

Wi-Fi Blackspots?

WIFI Blackspots & Smart TV streaming have become a regular issue domestically. Smart TV's require a strong stable WIFI signal to maintain video streaming (catch up, Netflix, Prime, etc).

For the past few years now, I have been installing Ubiquiti WIFI Access Points to overcome weak signals to smart TV's, where hardwired data points are not available. The access points are very stable & reliable units, generally fitted in loft areas and designed to 'flood' WIFI signals down through the house. On occasions multiple units have been fitted, but regularly one single unit has sufficed.

If this is of interest to you, as usual, I will do a free site survey to establish the best solution & system to be fitted.

4G Signal Interference?

The new 4G signals have been continually rolled out across Leeds & Bradford post code areas.

As part of CDI's membership to the RDI I have successfully completed 4G-LTE training.

This training provides official certification, together with practical skills and knowledge, necessary to rectify potential problems relating to 4G interference with existing Freeview/DTT signals.

CDI is therefore now 'Blue-Tick' approved to the quality standard required when completing 4G remedial work.

FULL Freeview service from the
Emley Moor Transmitter?

If you live in BURLEY, MENSTON, ADDINGHAM area then I would like to bring to your attention that signals from Emley Moor have now increased in power and are proving to be available in your area. This enables you to receive the FULL Freeview service as opposed to the otherwise limited services from the Wharfedale relay transmitter.

** Key points to understand **

The Wharfedale transmitter is 'Group A' on the TV bandwidth, whilst Emley Moor is 'Group B', so if this upgrade is of interest to you then you will require a change of aerial.

Having installed these improved aerial systems from Emley Moor in the Burley, Menston and Addingham areas, customers are now receiving the full set of Freeview services & channels perfectly.

If you would also like to benefit from the increased channel selection, digital features, and arguably the better picture quality from Emley Moor, then please call to discuss your options, so that I can book you in for a free site visit to see what is possible at your particular location.

Please visit the Freeview link to familiarise yourself with the FULL services available to you after this upgrade as compared to the limited channels you currently receive.

- Wharfedale Customers -

You may now be able to receive the full Freeview package from Emley Moor.

Upgrade Cost, to include fitting of:

  • Wideband Aerial, Lashing Kit, Cradle Bracket

  • Mast, High Gain Masthead Amplifier, CT100 Downlead.

£200 tbc on site survey.

  • nb. If you were to require any additional points to other rooms then please refer to the Fixed Prices page.

HDMI over CAT-5/6

If you are considering some home improvements, or possibly building up your new house specification, you might want to consider a more thorough & complete Tv distribution system that is now available to install.

Triax now offer an affordable SMART HOME system

As well as the usual coaxial cabling & typical Freeview, Satellite & Cable TV distribution, you could now take it a step further with HDMI over Cat-5/6. The network cabling or Cat-5/6 would be installed alongside the coaxial cabling to all necessary outlets. Once, your cabling is complete, the head-end or 'HUB' can be designed & installed, with a choice of MATRIX which is a technical name for a signal combiner/splitter!

The MATRIX is where your Cat-5/6 cabling is terminated just like coaxial cabling is to an amplifier, but the MATRIX allows you to input a host of HDMI devices and pass those AV pictures down to the outlets, this saves having devices in rooms. So, be it your SKY box, Blueray player, Games console, Set top box, Radio, etc can be located with the MATRIX, and simply selected at the outlet anywhere you have a point fitted.

The PLAY5 feature built into the MATRIX can supply Full HD video, Digital Audio, Ethernet (broadband), Power, and control I.R.

The MATRIX allows sound to output to separate AV amplifiers, which may then feed off to speakers in the house.

If this short introduction may interest you to finding out more, and possibly lead to a quote, feel free to call and discuss with me, as there are plenty of options to choose from for a tailor made system.

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I'd like to think that I deliver a quality service and experience to every one of my customers.

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